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  • My name is Don Fetner, and I am the proud owner and CEO of Sasha's Kiddie Products, Inc.


    About 10 years ago a most unusual situation presented itself to me. I was sitting by the pool in my apartment complex. A mother with her baby in a stroller happened by and parked herself a short distance from me. It was a hot summer day with a warm wind blowing. After a short while it was obvious that the child was being bothered by the heat and glare of the sun, being annoyed by the wind blowing things in it’s face, and from time to time being pestered by bees as well. The mother covered the stroller with a flannel blanket to protect the child from these outdoor environmental elements.

    Shortly after being covered up, the child started crying , and for the next half hour neither the mother or child were very happy. After observing this, I had an idea, and so I approached the mother and asked, “wouldn’t it be great if you could replace that blanket you’re using with a product that would protect your child from the suns heat, glare, and UVA/UVB rays, the wind, and flying Insects, while allowing you and your child to still see one another?" The mother said that she knew of no such product, but would anxiously purchase one if one were available.

    I did some investigating, and found out that the only products available that offered any kind of Sun, Wind & Insect protection for babies and small children, all had one thing in common - they required that parents cover their child with an opaque material -which was no better than the blanket the mother used to cover her child.

    I was excited, and determined to find a screen mesh material that would protect babies and small children from the sun’s heat, glare, and UVA/UVB rays, the wind, and annoying flying insects, while being of a SEE-Through nature. I found a material, that with some modifications, would protect children from these harmful environmental elements, and still be easy enough for the average person to attach to an infant carrier/ car seat, stroller, or jogging stroller. I then did special testing by a government approved independent testing laboratories to confirm that this material wouldn’t be harmful in any way when within a child’s reach. The material passed all tests with flying colors..

    I was happily surprised to find out that this material had several side benefits. It had thermal properties that would retain heat during cold winter months. In addition, the material offered protection against the unwanted touch from a stranger or animal.

    After testing was completed, I designed patterns, made samples, patents and trademarks applications were filed, and after a short while, a line of new products known as “Sasha’s ® Sun, Wind and Insect Protectors” were developed, completed, and released to the trade. The first three products represented only a few of what I envisioned the complete product line to be.

    Currently, I am extremely proud to say that Sasha’s line of Sun, Wind & Insect Protectors now consists of over 35 protector models, and these baby accessory products are the number 1 selling products of their kind in the baby industry.. The models include custom form-fitted and generic protectors that fit most standard size single, double side-by-side strollers and tandem strollers.

    In addition Sasha’s offers a complete line of custom form-fitted protectors for the all terrain type jogging sport vehicles market. These include jogger protectors that fit many of the major brands including Baby Trend, BOBS, Baby Jogger, Kool-Stride, Tike Tech, Bumbleride, Dreamer Design, Mountain Buggy, InStep, Schwinn and more.

    Sasha’s Sun, Wind & Insect Protectors are now being sold via ( 200 + Baby Websites ) and many specialty Baby Stores around the US, and in Canada. We are most proud to sat that our products are exclusively made in the USA.

    Due to the success of our Sun, Wind & Insect Protector line, we were asked by customers to carry related products. I am pleased to announce that Sasha’s now carries a line Rain & Weather Covers, Travel and Storage Bags, Tote Bags and Insulated winter Covers. We also have plans to add on other baby related products in the near future.

    If you have any suggestions for related products that you would like to see us carry and sell, kindly contact us. We would appreciate your input.