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  • Bugaboo Bee, Frog & Cameleon
    Travel and Storage Bag from Sasha's

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    Sasha's Bugaboo Bags are a good investment. They protect your stroller or Jogger from dirt, dust, grease, tar or etc while storing, or from rough handling while traveling. They are strong, durable and easy to use. They have carry handles and shoulder straps. ( See "Additonal Information" below ).

    Bugaboo - Bee, Frog & Cameleon
    Travel & Storage Bag
    • ( Note: In some cases the wheels have to be removed before storing stroller in bag )
    • Made of heavy duty denier polyester
    • Uses: Storing away in the garage or for traveling.
    • Color: Black

    NOTE: The length is the most important dimension. The Width and Depth have from 3-5 inches of Give / Play

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    Price: $39.95

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    Bugaboo Cameleon, Frog and Gecko Stroller Sun and Wind Cover

    Unique "one-piece" Wrap Around Single Stroller Model Sun Cover for Bugaboo Frog and Gecko Strollers. Fits when stroller is being used as a Toddler Stroller and when it is being used as a Bassinet. Offers complete front and side protection from the Sun, Wind & Insects. Prevents fading of stroller fabric.

    About Bugaboo: Bugaboo is a small Dutch design company with Headquarters based in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Bugaboos objective is to bring new value to ordinary but very important objects by taking a holistic approach to their design, merging no-nonsense functionality with simple and clean aesthetics. Bugaboo launched the first Bugaboo stroller in 1999 in the Netherlands with the aim to provide quality mobility products with a high level of service. The initial interest and enthusiasm for the product was overwhelming. Bugaboo has set new standards in product design, service and business practice which clearly strikes a chord with a group of conscientious consumers.

    Price: $59.95

    Bugaboo Cameleon, Frog & Gecko Bassinet Sun and Wind Cover


    • Length =36 Inches
    • Width = 18 Inches
    • Height = 8-10 Inches

    Fits: Bugaboo Cameleon Bassinets

    Sasha's Bassinet Sun Covers Offer complete front and side protection from the Sun, Wind & Insects. They are SEE-THROUGH and provide GREAT VENTILATION.

    Uses: Anywhere outdoors.


    Price: $49.95

    Bugaboo Frog, Gecko and Cameleon Bassinet Rain Cover


    • Size:
    • Fits All Bugaboo Frog, Gecko and Cameleon Strollers
    • Visibility - Clear - Baby can see out - parents can see in.
    • Breathability - There are many holes for proper ventilation
    • Durable - Made of high quality Vinyl
    • Easy to Use
    • Easy to Store
    • Easy to Clean




    Price: $36.95

    Additional Information

    Sasha's offers Travel and Storage Bags for Bugaboo, BOB, Maclaren ( Techno, Vogue, Volo, Triumph, Quest, DayTripper), Peg Perego (P3, Aria ), Evenflo (Comfort Dimensions), Graco (Quattro Tour, Glider LiteRider, Metro LE, MetroLite, LiteRider LX, CitiLite), , Baby Trend ( All Single Strollers), Chicco ( London Umbrella stroller, Caddy), and others Some Jogging Stollers are: All Baby Trend Single Expedition Joggers ( Whether Swivel or Fixed Wheels), Eddie Bauer (Aluminum Single jogging stroller), Jeep Liberty Limited, and Jeep Overland Limited, BumbleRide, GoGoBabyZ, InStep/Schwinn Safari TT Single Joggers, and many others

    Whether you're performing daily errands, or just storing these items in the garage, protect your investment from harmful elements ( i.e. dust, dirt, grease, tar, etc). Or while traveling, protect your investment from the rough handling and damage of luggage at airports, boats, buses, taxis, and trucks with our handsome and versatile Travel/Storage Bags. The easy way to take your Stroller, Jogging Stroller, infant carrier/convertible car seat on a trip! Our Travel Bags allow you to easily carry these items, and also provide plenty of extra packing/storage space for such items as toys, diapers, supplies and etc. Ruggedly designed & built to last. They are constructed of heavy duty nylon, and have carrying handles and shoulder straps.

    Sasha's also offers a complete line of ( SEE-THROUGH ) CAR SEAT, STROLLER and JOGGER SUN, WIND & INSECT COVERS and RAIN and WEATHER COVERS