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  • Hauck Stroller Sun and Wind Covers from Sasha's ( 2 Models Shown )
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    Sasha's Hauck Stroller Sun and Wind Covers are products designed for parents to use to protect their baby's/child's delicate eyes, skin and body from the harmful effects of the sun's heat, glare, cancer causing ultraviolet UVA/UVB rays, wind, dust, debris, and flying insects. They are water resistant and flame retardant. They are unique in that they protect, yet still allow parents to see in and children to see out at all times.

    Hauck Malibu Single Stroller Sun and Wind Cover

    The Wrap Around Single Stroller/Jogger Model Sun Cover designed to fit the Hauck Malibu Single Stroller ( Shown here on a Similar Stroller)

    Offers complete front and side protection from the Sun, Wind & Insects. Attaches easily.

    About Hauck: Hauck offers parents something a little different in a stroller with that extra something. They have vibrant colors- bright pinks and reds, bright blues and greens and have accessories with a perfect match. They have funky frames and stainless mudguards, but also offer a very solid stroller that performs exceptionally well outdoors. Icoo offers great options for tall parents - the handles on some stroller models extend up an additional eight inches- and the fold is easy and compact for a full service stroller.

    Price: $44.95

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    Hauck Malibu Single Stroller Rain and Wind Cover

    Uses: Anywhere outdoors

    Note: Please know that this protector will fit only on strollers - If you have a Travel System, the protector will not fit with the Infant Carrier attached to the stroller.

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    Price: $29.95

    Additional Information

    Why Buy a Sasha’s Hauck Sun, Wind & Insect Cover over other products???

    Because Sasha’s Hauck Malibu Stroller Sun and Wind Covers offer the maximum Sun Protection, while being "see-through" (the most innovative new feature in years). The See-Through feature allows parents and guardians to see in and the child to see out at all times. Parents and guardians do not have to stop every five minutes to look under an OPAQUE material to make sure that their child is comfortable and safe.

    Sasha’s Hauck Malibu Stroller Sun and Wind covers offer full front, side and back protection from the Sun’s Cancer Causing UVA/UVB Rays , the Heat, Glare, Wind, Dust and Debris and Harmful Insects, keeping the Car Seat, Stroller or Jogger cockpit and baby cool, safe, and comfortable. Sasha’s Sun covers also prevent fading of the Car Seat, Stroller or Jogger material. They are flame retardant and water resistant. And attach easily. Uses: anywhere outdoors.

    It has long been known that overexposure to the Sun's harmful Heat, Glare, and Cancer Causing Ultraviolet UVA/UVB rays, can cause skin cancer and other serious and sometimes fatal consequences to babies and small children. It has been well documented that babies under six months should not wear sunscreen lotions since their delicate skin is more likely to react adversely to the chemicals contained in these preparations.

    Protection is especially necessary for babies and small children, whose skin and eyes are particularly sensitive. However, protection against exposure to the sun can be difficult to provide when the child is being transported, as in a child car seat, baby infant carrier, carriage, stroller or jogging type sports vehicle. Sasha's Sun Covers solve this problem.


    Sasha's also offers a complete line of ( SEE-THROUGH ) CAR SEAT, STROLLER AND JOGGER RAIN and WEATHER SHIELDS and TRAVEL/STORAGE BAGS and more.