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    I just had to tell you how much I LOVE the Sasha sun cover a bought for my Chicco stroller. We just got back from Disney where it was 95-100+ degrees every day. This COMPLETELY protected my 7 month old from the harmful rays of the sun, as well as kept him cool. If I didn't have it my baby would have been burned and miserable--Regular sun screen application can only go so far! I was amazed that I didn't spot ANYONE else with this great product, though. In a place like Disney World it should be as common as mouse ear hats! I found out about this only by word-of-mouth--not in any stores. PLEASE MARKET THIS PRODUCT MORE (Maybe co-op ad links to vacation planning websites) --This should be a MUST HAVE for every parent of stroller-aged children!!! P.S. It's also sturdy and easy to use!

    Thank you,

    Wendy K.

    I bought a stroller cover from you guys when my now 6 yo was a baby.  I live in Western Colorado, where altitude and UV are strong and West Nile has been a major problem.  I loved your product and used it on a daily basis for both my now 6 and now 3yo daughters...we used it around town, at festivals, hiking, camping and so much more.

    I had it out this week because I am passing it along to a friend who has a 3 week old.  It looks BRAND NEW still!  So, just wanted to thank you for years of peace with my babies, when I knew they were safe from the sun and bugs.  I salute you for your great quality product!

    Angie A. - Colorado

    I have one word for your product. Amazing. We have terrible weather here in Wyoming and I have to walk my daughter to school. I received my weather cover yesterday just in time for our first snow. I was impressed with how long the sides were, it made it perfect to keep the wind off of her and to prevent it from blowing off my stroller. Also even though I got the rain cover it kept her so warm that she didn't complain once. My very happy two year old, five year old and I thank you.  I looked up weather covers for a sit and stand stroller on Google to find your company. I am very happy I did. Thanks again.

    Danette J., Wyoming

    Hi there. We got back from our trip a few days ago and I wanted to write a review about the products we bought.

    The travel bag for our Peg Perego Twin Aria 60/40 was great and I am so happy that we bought it. On our way to Florida it got a little hole in it so I can’t even imagine what would’ve happened if we just gate checked the stroller without it being in something to protect it. It fit perfectly and was so easy to get in and out.

    The other product we bought was the sun shade. I wasn’t sure how this would be because I didn’t think my 2 ½ year old would stay under it. I was really amazed that he stayed under it and liked it. It shows that it really must’ve kept him cooler and not have the sun beat down on him.

    My 7 month old has always been in the stroller in the infant carrier. He loved facing forward in the regular stroller and he was perfectly happy and content being under the sun shade. I even used it when we weren’t in the sun because he loved being forward and having so much room and freedom of movement that he kept leaning over the sides of the stroller which made it very difficult to get in and out of doorways without worrying about catching his arm. I would put the sun shade down and he’d be happy and just start kicking and laughing and didn’t get any arms caught in any doors.

    Thank you so much for making such great products. I wish there had been one for me to go under because it was so hot at Disney and Clearwater Beach.

    I will definitely be recommending your products to everyone I know.

    Sari P., East Meadow, New York

    I came upon your web-site while doing a search on Yahoo for a rain cover for my stroller (a Kolcraft contours 4-wheel stroller).  The one I had (by Graco) didn't seem to fit it too well so I was looking for something more custom fit. Your rain cover seems to fit my stroller better than the Graco.
     I was also excited when I saw the UV covers, which I ordered.  I've tried a couple extended canopies that are supposed to offer UV protection, but they weren't easy to get on and off and they do not end up providing as complete coverage as your cover.  Looking forward to using it in the spring and summer.
    Hope this information is helpful!

    Joyce S.

    I found your site on Google.com when I was searching to replace our MacLaren Quest rain cover. I thought the site overall was very easy to use and I was able to find the rain cover without any trouble. Two days after ordering I received this shipping confirmation email. The next day we received the rain cover. It fits perfectly on our MacLaren Quest and we are very happy with the quality. I especially like that the umbrella part of the stroller is completely covered, unlike the MacLaren rain cover that came w/the stroller which only covers the front rim.

    All the best to your company. I am part of a huge mommy group in Brooklyn, NY and will forward this site on to the other mommys.

    Thanks again for the great rain cover!!!

    Liz G., New York

    Dear Don, You called me on Sunday to confirm that my jogging stroller was a single swivel wheel, unlike the stationery wheel covers I unintentionally ordered. The rain and wind covers, and tote bag, arrived yesterday. They're wonderful! I appreciate that you offer a product tailored to my particular Baby Trend jogging stroller. I had concerns with the wind cover about visibility from the outside-in (albeit, observed in a lightly lit bedroom), so I tucked my head inside the back flap and was pleased with just how clearly my grandson will see out. It even made the sitting area seem cozier. I ordered the tote bag not necessarily for need, as much as your multi-product discount order. I'm glad I did! It's great. Thank you for your prompt, courteous and above-and-beyond service. Sincerely,

    Sue G.

    Mom, Grandma, Runner and Homeopath - Davis, CA

    To the wonderful creators of a most ingenious baby product.

    THANK YOU! AND WOW! Were my first reactions when I heard about Sasha's Sun, Wind and Insect Protectors for babies and small children. It's one of those things where after using it you're left wondering why anyone didn't think of this before??

    It's pretty common knowledge these days that the sun contains extremely harmful rays that can cause skin damage -- even cancer! Advertisers everywhere are promoting new products everyday to help protect our skin from these damaging sun rays -- but what about our babies? I mean if these rays can be damaging to adult skin, just imagine what they can do to an infant's tender baby skin. Kudos to Mr. Fetner for having the sense to create products like Sasha's, Sun, Wind and Insect protectors.

    I read an article not too long ago about Mr. Fetner and how he came to develop his truly thoughtful product line. Like the lady in the article who helped inspire the idea, I too used to just throw a blanket over my baby's stroller every time we were out in the sun (which is practically every other second when you live in Southern California). I just hated doing that! Not only did it prevent me from seeing my baby to see that she was doing okay at any time, but California's hot enough as it is -- who needs a blanket to make things even hotter, not to mention stuffier? Not my baby! Becky, being my first child, I guess I can tend to be a little over protective, but I honestly feel this is a product that no mother should be without.

    After reading the article, I was sold and immediately set out to find one -- not only for myself, but for every new mother I knew. I even purchased extras for future mothers-to-be! (I felt that these products would make perfect baby shower gifts and at affordable prices, who could resist?)

    Thanks again! I love being able to see my adorable baby now while knowing she is safe and protected from the elements, breathing freely and smiling all the way -- protected by Sasha's!


    Diane B.
    Los Angeles, California

    I found your website on Google while searching for "stroller covers." I think yours is an excellent website. I found what I was looking for swiftly. Wish I had known Sasha before, when I was in the market for all manner of baby related things for ny grandchildren. I will definitely pass on your name. Thanks,

    A. Boswinkel

    Thanks again Don, and if it isnt too much to ask, do you have a catalogue that you could possibly send to me? With customer service that you have provided, I would only deal with you and your company. Your great, and thanks. I have never experienced such personal service and professionalism from a company. Thanks so much,

    J. Baxter - New York

    I found your store by doing a search on Yahoo for waterproof covers for strollers... I believe your site was listed in the top 5. I have seen many parents with them around my area, but could never find the cover itself. Walmart, BabysRus, and Target didn't have any either online or in their stores. I am very happy that I not only found what I was looking for at your site, but that it was designed to fit the model jogging stroller I have. It's worth the money to know that my baby will be protected in the future. Thanks a bunch! Thanks so much,

    Karen F.

    Hi there! I couldn't believe the Jeep didn't make a weather cover my new fancy stroller. I googled "Jeep stroller weather/wind cover" since I live in windy Southern Colorado.... Sasha's came up. I ordered Monday and had the product on Saturday! Very FAST! Not to forget... the product is just what I need and a great fit. Thank you! My daughter and I can now still get out when it's windy and enjoy Colorado. Thanks again and I will be visiting this site again and will share the site with other

    J. Marble

    Hi ,
    I purchased my first Sasha sun cover for my son's bugaboo a while back from one of your dealers.
    I like the material comparing to other sun covers available in the market.
    It's not flimsy and fits my stroller perfectly.

    I decided to go with Sasha's again for the other accessories because I trust this brand.

    Best regards,
    Yoshimitsu Family.

    After an extensive Google search for something to shade my baby from the sun in the car (because those window clings and the like are useless), I found your website. Your Sun, Wind and Insect Protector is just what I hoped existed! It arrived a few days ago, and has exceeded all of my expectations. My baby and I can enjoy going for car rides or stroller rides without having to cover his seat with a blanket or torturing him with teeny baby sunglasses. He can enjoy looking around without squinting, and bugs don't bother him!

    Thank you for designing such a high quality product. I have posted a link to your website on a new mom message board that I frequent as well as told many interested moms about your products when they've asked me about that "cool looking cover."

    Lise Ching

    I discovered the hard way that the stroller I received as a gift is larger than most strollers.  I could not find a weather cover that fit at any stores in our area.  I shopped online & ordered the largest rain/wind cover I could find at BabiesRUs.com. When it was delivered, I found it was too small, but tried to make it work.  It wasn't possible.  Not wanting to waste time or money, I entered the words "extra large stroller rain cover" into Google.  That is how I found your online store.  I've purchased weather covers for both my stroller and infant carrier and carseat.  My latest purchase is the stroller sunscreen.  Most moms have strollers smaller than mine, so they have no trouble finding covers.  But when we are out with the carrier cover, I have many queries as to where I
    found it.

    Thanks for your wonderful products!
    Jennifer Banse

    Thank you very much! I received the product and it is wonderful! Fits perfectly and is just what I needed. I appreciate the excellent customer service as well.

    Kristy M. King

    A link to your website came up on many of my searches regarding a stroller for twins. There where advertisements on other websites showing your brand name in relation with many stroller covers. I use Google search engine, and I looked for "stroller cover" or "stroller sun cover"  or "stroller weather cover"  or "stroller rain cover" ... They all show your website as the first or second result. There are some strollers (especially for twins) with shapes and sizes that need specific covers, hard to find, and not for all types of situations. So, your products seems to have many types of covers that I couldn't find in other places. I will recommend you to others.

    Thank you for taking my order.

    Christine Thorn

    Hello, I wanted to write to let you know how valuable I think your product has been for my family this summer. I have a newborn son, and using your infant carrier sun/bug cover has allowed me the opportunity to take my older son outside to the park, zoo, etc without fear that my newborn will get burnt or too hot. I think it is a wonderful product!

    See Link = http://www.mommieswithstyle.com/mtblog/2007/08/8_weeks_old_protected_while_ou.html

    Jen Thomas

    Thanks a million! Our first child was born in April, a time when Southern Californian's know the sun is sure to shine. Sasha's sun protector gave us the freedom to be outdoors or in the car with one less worry. Being unable to apply sun screen lotions to a baby until they are 6 months old makes your product indispensable to their safety and health.

    Thanks again.
    Susan and Gary S.

    Wanted to let you know how happy I am with my Infant carrier protector. It shields the sun, protects my newborn and makes me feel very secure. There's nothing else out there than can compare. That's why I am ordering another one for Grandma to keep at her house, for me to use when I visit.

    Thank you,
    Sharon S.
    (Happy Customer)

    Lovely products, a few months ago we were looking everywhere for a specific sun protector for our stroller couldn't find it anywhere. We were so excitedto find the product that we were looking for on your site. Sasha also has a great variety of all kinds of strollers, attachements etc etc. Great customer service.

    thanks Sasha! ,
    Wendy Schkeeper, President - All Kids Lamps LLC
    (Happy Customer)

    I am writing you this letter to let you know how extremely satisfied I am with the stroller cover I bought from you a couple of weeks ago at the BabyExpo at Pierce College.

    I have gotten numerous compliments on the stroller shade-about its great ability to block the sun, about its versatility, about the way it allows the baby to breathe because of the fine meshed material it is constructed from, and about its great usefulness in sunny Southern California.

    Furthermore, my baby loves the shade!!! Even when it is not sunny, she says "ou!!" meaning to put the shade back "on"!!!

    Well, on a last note, I just wanted to thank you and congratulate you on making such fine stroller covers. I had been looking for such a cover for about a year before I found yours!



    I just wanted to drop you a line of gratitude for the Sasha Product. We were the envy of the company picnic when we showed up with our daughter Rachel's stroller, covered with the Sasha stroller protector. It was a bright sunny day and we were happy -- though we were in the sunlight, our darling little one was protected behind Sasha from the sun and mosquitoes.

    I could have sold more Sasha's for you at the park if I had some, however, I did give your name and information to a few people -- so expect more sales soon. Thanks again!!!

    Laura L.