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    Purchasing A Product
    1- When you see an item you want to buy, click on the "Shopping Cart" button for that product.
    2- Put in your Zip Code, and select the "Shipping option" you prefer. For International orders, put in your Country ( only if you live outside the U.S.), put in your " Postal Code," and then select the "Shipping option" you prefer.
    3 - Then click the "Submit your Choices" button. A Chart will come up showing you the product/s that you have ordered, along with the quantities, pricing, and shipping costs ( and Sales tax if applicable ).
    4 - Then either click on "Continue Shopping" if you want to add other products to your order. Just click on the product "Shopping Cart" for each product you want to add to your order and you will see all the information as you add products.
    5 - After you have finished shopping, click on "Check Out Now." You will see four (4) "Arrow" buttons. Unless you plan on mailing in or faxing in an order, only the second and third arrows will apply to you. The TOP arrow is for customers who want to mail in an order along with a money order or personal check.. The fourth arrow is customers who want to Fax in an order. Click on arrow that is appropriate for you.
    6 - Now Three CHARTS will pop up.
    a ) One Chart will come up showing you the product/s that you have ordered, along with the quantities, pricing, and shipping costs ( and Sales tax if applicable ).
    b ) A second chart will be for "Special Instruction" ( See A below ).
    c ) The third chart will ask you for your Credit Card information and Shipping information.
    7 -After you have looked everything over, answered Question A below ( typing the info in the "Special Instruction" Box ), completed the Credit Card and Shipping Information - Then click on the "Submit Secure Order" button. You are now finished.
    Note: You will now receive a confirmation of your order. Print this out and keep this for your records until you receive your order.
    8 - To Start Again or cancel the order Click “Clear Form”

    A. Kindly answer the question?? What type of product do you have, the manufacturers brand name, the model number, the size, etc. This is the best way to make sure that you have purchased the correct product for your needs. This is MOST IMPORTANT. Place this information in the "Special Instructions" section of the order form.
    Failure to do so will incur return shipping costs and restocking fees.

    Changing The Quantity Of An Item
    On the Order Form, you may change the quantity of any item by clicking in the "Quantity" box on the top right -hand side of the chart and entering a new quantity.

    Multiple Orders
    For orders of 2 products or more, please follow the instructions in step (4) above.

    Review Order Form and Submit Order
    Once you are satisfied with the items and quantities on your Order Form, you may click “Submit Secured Order.”

    Confirmation of your Order
    Upon completion and submission of your order, you will receive an automatic confirmation. Save this Order Confirmation until you receive your order.

    Changing Or Canceling an Order
    See Step (8) above. Our goal is to provide the fastest possible service to our customers, therefore orders are processed and prepared for shipment throughout the day. As such, once your order is placed, processed and shipped, there is no way to make changes or cancellations. If your request for a change or cancellation is received prior to order processing and shipping, we will be pleased to accomodate your wishes.

    If a customer makes an error in ordering by making a typographical error or by typing in the incorrect product information or incorrect address information, and we ship the incorrect merchandise or to the incorrect address, the customer is responsible for all product return fees, re-packing fees, and re-shipping charges.

    If our order department causes the incorrect merchandise to be shipped, or ships to the wrong address, there will be no shipping or packing fee charged to the customer, and we will re-ship the order to you at our own expense.

    Sales tax?
    State laws require that internet retailers collect sales tax in states where they are resident. Sasha’’s Kiddie Products, Inc.resides in the state of California Subsequently we are required to charge applicable taxes in California. All other orders will not be charged sales tax.

    Printable Order Form

    After you have completely filled out the form, if you wish, before you click " Submit Secure Order," you can print a copy for your records until you receive your order. Just click on "File" in the very top left hand corner of your screen, and click on PRINT. If you have any questions at all, feel free to call us Toll Free at 1-888-640-0917 Pacific California Time 8am -5pm Monday through Friday.

    Note: All information is strictly confidential. Sasha's Kiddie Products, Inc. does not give out or sell our customer information.