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  • Single and Double Stroller Gate Check Bags from Sasha's
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    Sasha's Single and Double Stroller Gate Check Bags are a good investment. They protect your babies health because they protect your stroller from germs, bacteria, fungus, and etc, as well as dirt, dust, grease, tar, or the like while traveling in airports.

    Single and Double Stroller Gate Check Bag

    Use this handy, compact travel bag when gate-checking a standard Single or double stroller to protect it from dirt and germs. The bright red color and large graphics easily identify your item for return to gate. Fits and covers most standard and double strollers easily with draw-string closure and adjustable lock. Stuffs quickly into attached pouch for traveling convenience. Compact to fit in travel bags. Features two webbing handles for easy lifting and personal identification box. Fits Baby Trend Sit 'N Stand, Peg Perego, Phil & Ted's, Quinny Buzz, BOB Single Jogging Strollers, Graco Metrolite, Snug Rider and Duo Glider, Bugaboo, Joovy, Chicco, Combi and Combi Twin, Maclaren and Maclaren Twin, Baby Planet & more.

    Not recommended for baggage check.

    Size: 46” x 21” x 13”

    Size of pouch: 9” x 5” x 1.5”

    Price: $19.95

    Model TS-103
    Large Single Stroller/Jogging Stroller Storage & Travel Bag
    • Size: Designed to fit ALL Larger Model Single Strollers and Single Jogging Strollers
    • Length = 42 Inches
    • Width = 21 Inches
    • Depth = 13 Inches
    • Stollers - i.e. Maclaren ( Techno, Vogue, Volo, Triumph, Quest, DayTripper), Peg Perego (P3, Aria ), Evenflo (Comfort Dimensions), Graco (Quattro Tour, Glider LiteRider, Metro LE, MetroLite, LiteRider LX, CitiLite), Jeep (Liberty Urban Terrain), Baby Trend ( All Single Strollers), Chicco ( London Umbrella stroller, Caddy), and others Jogging Stollers - i.e. Baby Trend ( Expedition, Expedition LX, Expedition LE, Reebok Velocity and Velocity Extreme), Eddie Bauer (Aluminum jogging stroller), and others
    • Uses: Storing away in the garage or for traveling.
    • Color: Black

    Price: $39.95

    Model TS-105 - Large Double Side by Side Stroller / Jogger Travel & Storage Bag

    Large Double Side by Side Stroller Storage & Travel Bag

    • Size: Designed to fit Larger Double Side by Side Strollers or Joggers
    • Fits the Peg Perego Aria Twin Stroller
    • Length = 42 Inches
    • Width = 32 Inches
    • Depth = 10 Inches
    • Uses: Storing away in the garage or for traveling.
    • Color: Black

    Price: $69.95

    Model TS-106 - Tandem Stroller Travel & Storage Bag

    Tandem Stroller Storage & Travel Bag

    • Size: Designed to fit most standard size Tandem Strollers
    • Length = 52 Inches
    • Width = 25 Inches
    • Depth = 25 Inches
    • Uses: Storing away in the garage or for traveling.
    • Color: Black

    Price: $99.95

    Model TS-107 - Double Jogging Stroller Travel & Storage Bag

    Double Jogging Stroller Travel Bag

    • Size: Designed to fit most standard size Double Jogging Strollers. i.e. Baby Trend, Baby Jogger, BOB, Bumbleride, Mountain Buggy, Tike Tech, InStep/Schwinn and more.
    • Length = 36 Inches
    • Width = 34 Inches
    • Depth = 23 Inches
    • Uses: Storing away in the garage or for traveling.
    • Color: Black

    Price: $99.95

    Additional Information

    Sasha's offers Gate Check Stroller Bags. These bags are very durable and protect your baby car seat from dirt and germs.

    Sasha's also offers Sun Covers, Rain Covers, Travel and Storage Bags, Tote Bags and other products for all the major brands of Car Seats, Strollers and Joggers i. e.Graco, Peg Perego, Evenflo, Baby Trend, Maclaren, Stokke, Bugaboo, Bumbleride, Britax, Rock Star Baby, Quinny, MiaMODA, Combi, Orbit, Tripleplay, Silver Cross, Fisher Price, Baby Jogger, InStep, Schwinn, Mountain Buggy, Dreamer Design, Tike Tech, BOB's, Jeep, Jane, GoGoBabyZ, Kool Stop/Stride and many many more.

    SUN COVERS: stroller sun covers and infant carrier Sun covers

    Sasha's Sun, Wind & Insect Covers are made of a patented, uniquely woven and specially treated mesh material. Sasha's Sun, Wind & Insect Covers, the #1 baby accessory products of their kind in the USA, are SEE-THROUGH (the most innovative new feature in years),and offer the MAXIMUM PROTECTION from the harmful outdoor environmental elements while being BREATHABLY SAFE. There is no need to cover, hide or shield your baby/small child with non-see through ( opaque ) materials like blankets or towels or extended canopies any longer to protect them from the Sun's Cancer Causing uva/uvb Rays, Heat, Glare, Wind, Dust, Debris and Flying Insects?

    Non-See through ( opaque ) materials: a) Keep children in the DARK b) Frighten them c) Hinder their breathing d) Don't allow you or your child to enjoy the beautiful outdoors, Extended canopies: a) only provide limited protection when the sun is directly overhead b) act like opaque materials when completely covering the stroller cockpit.

    Now parents and guardians can enjoy walks, strolls, runs, time in the park, time by the beach, in the city or out in the country, with their children without having to stop every 5 minutes to look under an OPAQUE material to see if their child is safe and comfortable.

    RAIN COVERS: rain protection covers

    Sasha's kiddie products, inc, offers a line of custom form fitted and generic stroller rain covers for strollers and jogging strollers. Sasha's also has rain covers for car seats. They protect your baby/child’’s delicate eyes, skin and body from the rain, wind, sleet and snow, the cold, dust and debris, and flying insects. They are waterproof, have holes for ventilation, and are easy to attach. They allow parents to see in and children to see out at all times.

    TRAVEL & STORAGE BAGS: Baby Stroller Travel Bags

    Whether you're performing daily errands, or just storing these items in the garage, protect your investment from harmful elements ( i.e. dust, dirt, grease, tar, etc). Or while traveling, protect your investment from the rough handling and damage of luggage at airports, boats, buses, taxis, and trucks with our handsome and versatile Travel/Storage Bags. The easy way to take your Stroller, Jogging Stroller, infant carrier/convertible car seat on a trip! Sasha'sTravel and Storage Bags allow you to easily carry these items, and also provide plenty of extra packing/storage space for such items as toys, diapers, supplies and etc. Ruggedly designed & built to last. They are constructed of heavy duty nylon, and have carrying handles and shoulder straps.


    Designed to cover the entire stroller or Jogger for a full protective barrier against frigid cold winds, snow, sleet & Winter elements.

    MULTI-PRODUCT DISCOUNT PACKAGES: Multi Product Discount packages

    Sasha's Kiddie Products, Inc. offers you a choice of many Multi-Product discount packages. These discount packages provide you with a way to purchase our unique Sun Covers, Rain Covers, Storage/Travel Bags and Tote Bags at a substantial savings. Please review our 20 discount packages featured on this page. These discount packages only apply when shipping in the U.S. ( If you want us to ship outside of the U.S., call or email us for shipping rates ).