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  • Large Double Jogger Travel & Bag from Sasha's
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    Sasha's Large Double Jogger Travel Bags are a good investment. They protect your stroller or Jogger from dirt, dust, grease, tar or etc while storing, or from rough handling while traveling. They are strong, durable and easy to use. They have carry handles and shoulder straps. ( See "Additonal Information" below ).

    Large Double Jogger Storage & Travel Bag
    • Length = 36 Inches
    • Width = 34 Inches
    • Depth = 23 Inches

      Size: Fits all Double Side by Side Jogging Strollers.

    • Color: Black - ( made of heavy duty denier polyester
    • In some cases the Stroller/Jogger wheels have to be removed.

    NOTE: The length is the most important dimension. The Width and Depth have from 3-5 inches of Give / Play

    To make sure that this bag is the correct one for your stroller, kindly measure your stroller in its folded and most compact position.

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    Price: $99.95

    Additional Information

    Whether you're performing daily errands, or just storing these items in the garage, protect your investment from harmful elements ( i.e. dust, dirt, grease, tar, etc). Or while traveling, protect your investment from the rough handling and damage of luggage at airports, boats, buses, taxis, and trucks with our handsome and versatile Travel/Storage Bags. The easy way to take your Stroller, Jogging Stroller, infant carrier/convertible car seat on a trip! Our Travel Bags allow you to easily carry these items, and also provide plenty of extra packing/storage space for such items as toys, diapers, supplies and etc. Ruggedly designed & built to last. They are constructed of heavy duty nylon, and have carrying handles and shoulder straps.

    Sasha's also offers a complete line of ( SEE-THROUGH ) CAR SEAT, STROLLER and JOGGER SUN, WIND & INSECT COVERS and RAIN and WEATHER COVERS