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  • Sasha's Stroller & Jogger Travel Wheel Protector Bags ( 4 pack )
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    A must for traveling. Protect the investment of your stroller, your Joggerand your Travel Bag, by protecting their wheels during any kind of traveling situation.

    Stroller & Jogger Wheel Protector Bag

    4 Pack - Includes 4 Wheel Bags

    These are heavy duty nylon bags designed to accomodate stroller and Jogger removable wheels for extra protection and storage during traveling.

    They offer the extra protection to prevent wheel axles from protruding through your Stroller / Jogger Travel bag.

    They use Velcro hook and loop locking materials to prevent wheel from falling out once stored.

    All Purpose Bags : These Bags can be used to store any small objects i.e. diapers, towels, wipes, papers, teathers, rattlers etc.

    Their Size: 15 " High x 14.5 " Wide" x Depth (expands to wheel thickness) - Color = Black

    Please check your wheel diameter dimensions before purchasing these bags.

    Price: $24.95

    Additional Information

    Why Buy a SashasTravel Wheel Protector Bag???

    Because Sasha's Kiddie Products specializes in carrying products that keep babies safe and make life easier for parents. Also in carrying products that protect parents investments of the strollers and joggers they purchase.

    Sasha's also offers a complete line of ( SEE-THROUGH ) CAR SEAT, STROLLER AND JOGGER SUN, RAIN, WEATHER SHIELDS and TRAVEL/STORAGE BAGS, Airport "Gate Check" Bags, Car & Auto SunShades, Portable travel Cribs and more.